askari aviation Pvt ltd

Askari Aviation Pvt Ltd

Askari Aviation (Private) Limited (AAL) incorporated in 1995 is the mother unit of AAS. It holds valid AOC and license for Aerial Work Class II. It is country’s leading Charter Company which specializes in operation and maintenance of helicopters. Till very recently, AAL was providing maintenance and operations of helicopters of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Frontier Works Organization (FWO). AAL is in a process of getting ANO 145 certified by PCAA to continuous elating its maintenance standards at power with excellence.

AAL provides tailor made aviation customer service and ensured with humility excellent flying and safety record. Its exceptional performance is a result of Allah Almighty Blessing and a very dedicated, experienced and skilled maintenance and flying crew. Pilots and maintenance have an accumulated flying experience in thousands of hours in the most challenging and treacherous terrain of the country.

Our strength is efficiency, cost effectiveness and most cordial professional working relations both with the client and regulators.