Q. Who all provide helicopter services in Pakistan?

A. As there are no helicopters in private sector in Pakistan, Askari Aviation is coordinating aerial rescue services in humanitarian interest using assistance from Pakistan Army Aviation on hire.

Q. Is doctor or medical assistance services available on board the helicopter?

A. There is no doctor or medical assistance services available on board the helicopter.

Q. How are services reserved with AAS ensured?

A. As there are no helicopters in the private sector, so helicopter charter service are coordinated by hiring helicopters from Pakistan Army Aviation, therefore, cannot be guaranteed due unexpected operational commitments.

Q. Is helicopter charter service guaranteed?

A. Helicopter charter services are not guaranteed, availability is subject to Army’s operational commitments who retains the privilege to withdraw the aircraft at any stage.

Q. How is helicopter charter services charged?

A. Helicopter charter services is charged on number of flying hours flown which are provided by captain of the helicopter. Per hour rates of different helicopters are available on www.askariaviation.com

Q. How is the flying route planned from one destination to another?

A. Pilot plans the shortest possible route except where restricted by security limitations or air space controller.

Q. What’s the procedure of helicopter charter?

A. Following procedure is adopted for the helicopter charter service:-

  1. User provides his requirements to AAS, for quotes.
  2. On acceptance of quotes, user places the demand with AAS for the availability of helicopter / aircraft on due dates.
  3. AAS after confirming the availability from Army, intimates the user on the availability of aircrafts.
  4. User completes contractual and financial formalities for the availability of helicopter on due dates.
  5. On completion of formalities AAS coordinates the flight on due dates as desired.
  6. On completion of mission based on flying hours reported by the captain of the aircraft, invoice is prepared and account settled with the user.


Q. Are the rescue services guaranteed?

A. Rescue services are not guaranteed, as Pakistan Army Aviation only provides resources for rescue services if they are not committed in operational duties.

Q. Why advance security is collected by AAS before leaving for climbing / trekking?

A. Security is collected to avoid any delays due to financial formalities, once rescue services are requested and helicopters are made available by the Army Aviation.

Q. Is the security deposit refundable in case the helicopter rescue services are not availed?

A. The security deposit is refundable less 300 US $ i.e. AAS service charges.

Q. How an expedition is charged / billed in case helicopter rescue services are availed?

A. Helicopter rescue bills / invoices are prepared on the flying hours flown, as reported by the captain of the helicopter.

Q. Why do Ecureuils fly in pairs?

A. Due to safety reasons, single engine helicopters fly in pairs over glaciated / snow bound areas above 10,000 feet. If single engine helicopters are used, rescue services are billed for both the helicopters.

Q. What are the operating hours for helicopter rescue?

A. Being a mountainous region, flying is limited to half an hour after sun rise to one hour before sunset.

Q. What are the options available for registration with AAL for helicopter rescue services?

A. Any one of the following three options may be exercised to register with AAS for helicopter rescue services:-

  1. Cash security deposit.
  2. Bank Guarantee from the Local Tour Operator.
  3. A written guarantee from the home country Diplomatic Mission of the expedition in Pakistan.

Q. What are the likely causes of delay in a rescue services once demanded?

A. The main causes are:-

  1. Army operational commitments.
  2. Weather limitations.
  3. Altitude Limitations.
  4. Day Light Operation.
  5. Communication. 
  6. Proceeding without registration with AAL.